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Due to Health Issues, We Only Do Transfer of Firearms at this time

We maintain a valid Class I Dealer in Firearms Other Than Destructive Devices Federal Firearms License. I will be happy to transfer firearms from out of state to Kansas residents in accordance with all Federal, State of Kansas and local laws.

  • You must satisfactorily complete the ATF Form 4473 (Over-the-Counter Firearms Transaction Record) that we provide.
  • The actual buyer must complete the transfer process in person. The firearm cannot be transferred into another person's name.
  • You must be at least 18 years of age to transfer most long guns and at least 21 years of age to transfer a handgun or a shotgun with a pistol grip.
  • You must be a Kansas resident to transfer a handgun. Your ID must show Kansas residency with your current address.
  • The transfer process must be done at my address. I cannot meet you somewhere and perform a transfer.
  • You must pass a NICS Background Check.
  • You must be a US Citizen. Transfers for Resident Aliens and Non-Resident Aliens are possible, but require special processing during normal business hours so the BATFE office can be contacted for guidance.


There is a $10 per firearm surcharge for inbound transfers. Absolutely no outbound transfers. Fees waived for active duty military, official government agency and law enforcement officers with proper credentials. Please bring the exact fee in cash as I normally do not keep change available.


You make the deal and handle all payment and shipping fees directly with the seller. I am only involved with the actual delivery and transfer of the firearm(s) to you. Once your deal is struck, send me an email that contains the name of the seller, his email address and the type of firearm involved. I will send them a signed copy of my FFL, which also includes my shipping address. The firearm must be shipped here to the address shown on my FFL.

If the seller has a FFL, he should enclose a signed complete copy with the firearm when it is shipped. If the seller is an individual that does not have a FFL, I need a copy of his valid Driver License or a valid state-issued ID that shows his correct name and address. WITHOUT A VALID FFL OR PROOF OF POSITIVE IDENTIFICATION FROM THE SELLER, I CANNOT COMPLETE THE TRANSFER. If the seller fails to provide a signed FFL or identification documentation, the process will be delayed until he does.

Often, I have to physically drive to the Post Office, FedEx or UPS office to sign for your package because no one was home when delivery was attempted. I do not charge for this service, but please realize it may delay the process.

When your firearm(s) arrives, I will notify you by phone or in an email, and we will determine a convenient time when you can come here to complete the transfer.

You must present valid ID, such as a valid Kansas Driver License or Kansas state-issued ID card that shows you current name and address. Many other forms of ID will not be accepted. It is our policy to NICS Check 100%. A NICS check will be performed, even if you have a valid Kansas CCW or Law Enforcement credentials.

The transfer paperwork usually takes less than 30 minutes to complete provided the NICS Background Check passes on the first attempt. Processing delays occasionally occur and are beyond our control. If a delay occurs, I will retain control of the firearm until the NICS Background Check is approved or is officially denied.

It is your responsibility to know if you can pass A NICS Background Check.
Please don't waste my time and yours.

NOTE: If you fail to pass the NICS Background Check, the transfer of a firearm cannot be made. The firearm cannot be transferred into someone else's name (e.g. another family member) even if that person can pass the NICS Background Check. This is called a "Straw Buyer," and is illegal under Kansas and Federal law. Any necessary return shipping of a firearm can be done, however you will be responsible for the cost of all shipping and handling as well as making arrangements for a refund from the seller.


If you transfer two (2) or more handguns in a five (5) day period, we must file ATF Form 3310.4 (Report of Multiple Sale or Other Disposition of Pistols and Revolvers) with the Johnson County Sheriff and BATFE. We will provide and mail the necessary forms and it only takes a few minutes additional to process.


When your firearm(s) arrives it will be logged in to our records and then locked in our fire-rated gun vault for safekeeping until you arrive to pick it up. We will make every effort to take every reasonable means to secure your firearm(s), however we are not responsible in the event of fire, storm, water damage, theft or any other loss or damage.


Firearms and merchandise that remain unclaimed more then ninety (90) days may become the property of 3rd Millennium Engineering, LLC and may be otherwise sold or disposed of.

Questions? (913) 484-4436 or rickcarver@kc.rr.com




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